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A Week In The Life: Dice K - Whistler

Get ready for the good times! In the next installment of A Week in the Life, we join Dice K Maruyama for a week of snowboarding in Whistler, B.C.. Dice K is originally from Japan and now lives in Vancouver, Canada where he happens to photograph one of the more fun and creative crews in snowboarding; The Heart Films gang. Most of them are also from Japan and as a result, have a natural and pleasing way for creating media. Enjoy! - Ian

Editors note: Please excuse Dice-K's English. It is his second language.

Deep winter is not finished yet. In last 10 years at least, Whistler always gets attacked by a heavy snow storm at the end of March and the first week of April. We are in the middle of the last storm of 2010 right now. I went up to the backcountry with the Heart Films crew from Japan and had an epic day of powder.

 Dice K

8:59am. It was cloudy and light was super flat. We had to give up going deeper and further. We pulled out of our sledding under tree line and enjoyed powder riding.

10:08am. A little after we enjoyed powder riding, we found a sucker hole in the sky. It was still cloudy but it seemed it was getting clear and brighter. We geared up again, jumped on the sled and rode up to the higher alpine. Aki Hiraoka found a nice natural hip on the big slop. Tadashi Fuse tandemed him up to the top and waited for the count down. "3, 2, 1" then perfectly Aki popped up from the other side of ridge. Glad that it worked out.

13:48pm. We completely lined out the whole face of the mountain, had a lunch and moved on to next feature. We found a pretty deep windlip and had a session for a little while. At this time, the sky became blue and our motivation was hyped up. Even though the area was tracked out, Koni found his line and aimed to make a method air. On my side, Tadashi was asking Aki to pose the exact same as what Koni would do and told Aki to snap a fun picture. Well, I guess I didn't miss anything.

14:52pm. Our motivation was still going. We boondocked the area where we usually don't go but because of the condition, we proceeded snowboarding further and deeper the mountain. Tadashi descended the sickest line.

15:17pm. For nearly 6 hours we were filming and shooting photos. We had enough powder, lines, jumping, curving and burnt memory cards.