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AhStudio: Day Five


Once again, in the morning it was time to clear up the Van, move the gliders and clothes bag from the seat to the sleeping area to have the filming equipment to hand!

The place reminded me of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Huge cliffs, long road, high mountains.

The forcast didn’t look too bad, but we needed to jump over a  valley to catch the sun.


Here we go!

After spotting the place and a little walk, we arrived at the take off place. The plan was : a long flight in the valley, filming some huge tricks close to these big cliffs and rocks. Thomas was going to wait for us to fly by to try to capture the action from the ground. Waiting for us to come by he started editing the next Episode (3/4) of the Spanish road trip, because Robin the third man of Ahstudio Filmmakers, was in Buxelles at this time to edit the winter projects.


Here, at the take off, the athmosphere was quite tense. Eliot the youngest pilot was feeling really nervous because of the strong winds and the agressive landscape...

No mistake were allowed for the pilots. There was no time to open the rescue parachute. They needed to focus on the powerfull thermals to climb up, do some tricks and climb up again with their little wings... That was going to be a hard job !

The take off was a short rocky slope finished by a five hundred  meters drop... very impressive. Marvin was my tandem pilot to do the aerial shots. We used our little tandem because of the strong winds. I was using the Canon 5DII and the Sigma 15-30mm, the Sigma 24-70 2.8 was in  my Guru bagpack with 4 more batteries and 2 more 16Go compact flash cards, beanie, gloves and spare warm clothing.


If the conditions stayed good, we were going to fly for four hours or even more at 3500 meter high ! I love that!

I'm really in confidence with Marvin as my pilot, I know that acro pilot are the best pilots ever in case of wing trouble!

1, 2, 3 take off... Shit... we were already really high. I started to speak with the others via radio, give Thomas, who was quietly editing on the ground, an update on the flight.

Sometimes we were climbing at up to ten meters per second !!! the feeling was like getting a big kick in the ass ! We had some huge colapses in the glider, but continued to climb!


We managed to film some really nice shots, but unfortunatly for Thomas, the wind locked us in the middle of the valley, and it was impossible to go close to where he was... But as it stands, it was a fairly nice place to edit, with its 60 km/h of wind!


Happy faces again at the landing area, the stress had disapeared. End of a nice, long and new session!

But unfortunatly the next day we had to move, again!

Forcast here looked bad, the pilots were a bit scared of  flying with those awful August conditions.

Direction Lago Di Garda, Malecine, during the night. 3 hours of driving, just the time to buy some sweet shitty food in a petrol station and we were there.