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AhStudio: Day Four

Cinque Terre, What a nice place ! Close to La Spieza and Genova, the natural park is lost between huge, dark cliffs on both sides. Down to each little road, a nice Fishing village. So colourful!


Rendez vous with the pilots in a nice bar down in Riomaggiore, to plan the day ahead : check the forecast and wind conditions, find a good place to take off up one of the cliffs, then a landing, and a rescue landing just in case...  But it’s a bit too close to the port... Too tricky! The conditions were too weak to take the risk of a wild take off and a shitty landing!


But the sea was still here, in front of us, warm, with a lot of places to jump from the rocks. What a great opportunity to film something else than paragliding! Haha!


After this unusual session, as every other nights, it was time for us to do the back-ups and put the batteries in charge, all of this in our van, equiped for that (It is a desk, a bed, and living room at the same time ! Fortunatelly we had only 3 days of rain during those 3 mouths of travel).

The decision was taken to move during the night to the Dolomities ! 1000 km from here. Damn it...