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AhStudio: Day Six

Wake up the next day to the flat calm lake, perfect place for a necessary and urgent shower ! 7.00 am and the lake is already full of windboarders! Wow.


We checked the camera equipement one more time and at 8.00am everybody was ready to go up the mountain with the cable car. I was going to do the aerial shots from the tandem, and Thomas the ones from the ground with the Canon 100-400mm (and edit a little between two runs!).

Good day, the pilots runs were working well. Mid day and already some very good footages! Today, our paragliders were using the mounted camera too: a system we made some mouths ago (a basejump helmet, with a baseplate and a light camera like the 7D canon). We use this system to get footage from as close to the other pilots as we can, sometimes there is nothing better than an acro pilot filming another acro pilot ! Here the landing can be tricky, the area is small and surrounded by road or water . So we decided to put the less expensive camera on their head: the 550D.


The afternoon went by, session after session! But with a nice surprise for the last one. The wind at the landing place was really powerfull, and Joel, my tandem pilot, was locked by the wind, too far from the landing, above the water. What a mess!! I had the canon 5DII in my hand with the 15-30mm Sigma. And the 24-70, batteries, gopros, radios and my wallet in the Guru bagpack.

 I was FUCKED !


 A few seconds later, we thought we were close enough to a tiny beach. 1, 2, 3… Straight in the water ! I tried to swim with the camera out of the water, but the rescue line for the camera was a bit too short, and the glider’s line got caught in between us. Joel reached to get me out of the harness and to get out of his own. A windboarder came and I reached to give him the camera, a little bit wet... I hoped it wouldn’t be too much!

After a few technical underwater manoeuveres we could calm down, still in the water but without lines around us!

The other part of the crew helped us to get out of the water. It was a hard task the get the pilot and the gear out of the water, the wing being already heavy dry, I let you imagine wet !

At the landing place it was time to open the guru bag... only a tiny bit of water went through, and almost all the stuff stayed dry.

We had a few more hours of sun to get all of it dry and it was time to get back to France to continue working on another project...

After all everything was saved, except a radio battery which didn’t survive the swim!

Camera body, CF card, batteries and lenses were safe!