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A Week in the Life


Each month, we will work with top professional photographers, tracking what they do each day for an entire week. As you will see, most professional photographers put in a lot of hard work behind the lens to get the job done.

Participating professional photographers include:

Daybreak at Vikbukta, Lofoten Islands

A sad day as I leave the Lofoten Islands – but it’s “au revoir” and not “goodbye," and one final opportunity to capture the early morning light from the granite beach at Vikbukta before travelling to Svolvaer for the long ferry crossing to the mainland – a superb journey which skirts the small islands and skerries between the Lofoten Islands and the mainland.

The show is not over, however, as I capture a spectacular sunset over the Lofoten Islands from the shore at Tranoy – again at midnight.

Sunset at Utakleiv, Lofoten Islands

A long day is spent exploring the island chain, travelling from my base at Mortsund, south, through the fishing villages of Hamnoy, Reine and Moskenes, to, quite literally, the end of the road at A, and north and west to Eggum, Hov, Nusfjord, Flakstad, Henningsvaer, Yttersand and Gimsoya to, once again, end the day at Utakleiv to capture another memorable midnight sunset.

My stay on the Lofoten Islands is far too short to do them any kind of justice at all and, standing at midnight on that granite beach at Utakleiv watching the sun disappear, I vow to return as soon as I am able – a truly special place.

Selfjorden, Lofoten Islands

Reluctant to leave Senja, I head for the port of Gryllefjord for the two hour ferry trip south to the Lofoten Islands and meander south, through the island chain, to my base at Mortsund, near to the islands’ administrative capital at Leknes.

The scenery is subtly different to that of Senja – grander and less confined – and the islands are much more populated and peppered with small fishing and farming communities.

I end the day on the boulder strewn beach at Utakleiv and, despite the moody weather, get some decent shots and a feel for the location.