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Behind the Cover : Lars Scharl

Behind the cover of the first triple FMX backflip in history with Lars Scharl.

 Cam Zink is one of the gnarliest riders out there, 360'ing off this massive drop is just one of his big moves during finals. Last year I shot him off this feature from the side which is a great spot to be, but wanted to get a bit different of a perspective this year of it. Shooting a spin or flip from the back just looks crazy when you can see how much the rider is rotating right off the lip.

For over a decade, the world’s best big mountain riders have congregated every year in Utah’s desert to compete at Red Bull Rampage. One of mountain biking’s most intimidating events, the course is known for massive gaps, steep terrain, and narrow ridgelines. So what’s it like to cover an event of this caliber out in the dusty desert filled with poisonous critters?

The Red Bull Photography edition of the f-stop Ajna brings together two leaders in the world of adventure photography. Red Bull Photographers capture visually stunning events around the globe while the equally stunning Ajna gets your gear on location securely. The Red Bull Photography Ajna is a 40 liter pack available in an exclusive color to ensure you, as well as your photography, stand out from the crowd.

Such in Nasturtium

Although many ICU options are available, users are not limited to a single option per bag. This is something we hope to cover in this f-stop Tips & Tricks - ICU stacking and hatchbacking.

The american farmland of the palouse

Once people get past the beginning stages of landscape and nature photography, I think a lot of folks find themselves in a state where they say, “Ok I know how to use the camera…NOW WHAT!?”

I’ve listed a few steps I think that can help those looking to move past the “beginner” stages of photography.