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Last year, f-stop pros Dan and Janine Patitucci accompanied Swiss Alpinist, Ueli Steck, to visually document his mission to climb the summit of Annapurna, one of the world's highest peaks found in the Nepal Himalaya.

Photo Newsletter

Nature scenes from California make up the basis for this Nature & Landscape photo newsletter featuring Jeff Swanson. Click on the image to check ou the full feature.

Photo Newsletter

f-stop Pro Danil Kolodin shot the Proryv Festival at Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Moscown earlier this year. Click on the image for more information about the event, and be sure to check out his Staff Pro bio.

Photo Newsletter

E08 of the f-stop Travel Photo Newsletter features Sinisa Vlajkovic and Mohamed Somji. The pair has spent several years in the United Arab Emirates in search of substations to capture. Read the whole story about the project by clicking on the image.

Photo Newsletter

John Walmsley is the featured photographer this week for our Nature & Landscape photo newsletter. Check out the edition with photos from Nepal now.