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What happens when you have one of the fastest, most desirable and most technologically advanced cars on the planet and one of the world’s leading automotive photographers and f-stop Staff Pro Easton Chang in the same place?

Elizabeth is an award-winning photographer having won major prizes at World Press Photo and POYI. Elizabeth is also a member of the f-stop Global Icon team.

Catching up with Christian Walgram

World Press Photo is one of the largest photographic competitions in the world and is entered by thousands of photographers each year and the list of winners is as illustrious as it is long.

Last year we spent sometime with the amazing photographer Scott Serfas, while we where travelling the world getting some input on the 2015 Mountain Series pack. As with all of these trips you get different things as everyone comes at this from a different angle, one of the things we love about photography.

2015 was a year when my attitude towards photo gear started to change. Rather than facing every assignment with a full arsenal of pro camera bodies, a lighter approach started to take hold throughout my workflow, trying to capture more with less.