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The Shinn is usually a pack that is used by videographers, but can be just at home with the Long lens shooters when a larger expedition pack is required.

A few months later and Shotkit has finally published their review, I have to say that we are pretty stoked with the outcome…

This winter in the Pacific Northwest Mother Nature has been kind and brought us colder snowy weather than last year’s dismal “winter” where I often found myself in a t-shirt while doing outdoor activities in the local mountains. With the avalanche danger high from lots of recent snow I played it smart and headed up to Mount Hood to snow camp at Trillium Lake. I like to avoid places this popular yet camping here in winter you typically have the place to yourself, the best way to enjoy it.

Since the advent of mirrorless cameras Athena has been making her kit lighter to enable her to capture amazing images. In this film see how the f-stop Kashmir has aided her quest to reduce the weight of her kit. The Kashmir is our pack designed round those photographers who want a pack that sits comfortably on a shorter torso and has a revised harness that is optimised for female photographers.

October 2015 saw the formal announcement of the partnership between f-stop and Red Bull photography and the launch of the Red Bull photography Ajna.

As a result we had an amazing opportunity to do something a little different, something with one of our amazing Staff Pro team, something that reflected our core values exploration, adventure and a pioneering spirit, add a good slug of Red Bull and their heritage as a huge supporter of pushing the limits of the human spirit, you get a crazy idea of doing something that is pretty unique.

This blog like the shoot itself is a little out of the ordinary for us, but we thought it was best to hear it straight from the team; Global Icon Craig Kolesky, our Creative Director, Anton Nelson and Community Manager, Iain Weir