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2015 f-stop Tilopa Tested in Norway with Lars Schneider

Freezing temps, skin piercing snow, and wind gust so strong, loose items are constantly tugging for flight... sounds like a perfect testbed for the latest f-stop pack. When adventure photographer and f-stop pro, Lars Schneider, invited us along on a dogsledding trip in Norway, we knew it was a great opportunity for us to do some backcountry testing with the updated 2015 f-stop Tilopa. Now on its third generation, the 2015 Tilopa has evolved quite a bit over the years becoming to many, the go-to outdoor adventure camera pack.

Now equipped with new materials and features throughout, the Tilopa is ready for battle with mother nature. Watch what Lars had to say about our marquis all-rounder.

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Date: 12/17/15 / Author: Sinh Truong