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Bligh Gillies

Bligh Gillies
Local hero

Bligh Gillies

Genre: Climbing Photographer
Hometown: South Lake, USA

About Bligh

Bligh has always believed that the willingness to undertake adventure is a necessary part to living a happy life. Such adventures began in the early days of tromping around in the foothills of Colorado. Surrounded by an abundance of rolling single track and large, granite alpine walls, his life outdoors was born.

Fast forward to the years of banging his camera off of rocks, drowning one in the ocean, and staying up with the stars to brush frost off of his lens at midnight, his true passion was erected. Bligh quickly came to realize that he want to spend his life outside capturing the stories of the adventurous and for the past 6 years he has been able to do just that. Whether it is mountain biking, climbing, snow sports or lifestyle, they all stay near to his heart. And if Bligh isn’t photographing such sports, you can bet you will find him participating.

Bligh has had the pleasure of working with such clients as Nikon, Apple, Red Bull, and Google. Whether the job calls for unique still photography or highly crafted video, F Stop gear is always on the job. F Stop’s all around, damn good products give Bligh the piece of mind he needs to perform in the field.


How I use my gear

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