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Chris McClean

Local hero

Chris McClean

About Chris

Chris McClean is an award-winning DOP/director with a unique eye for a story. His first short film, Uncommon Ideals, told the tale of North Sea surfers and established Chris as an exciting new talent. After going viral, Channel 4 commissioned Chris to create a sequel, Beyond the Scars. Best film awards, nominations and screenings at SXSW followed.

With clients including the biggest names in surf and action sports clothing, and a showreel including brands like Red Bull, Peugeot, H&M, Jigsaw, Patagonia, Finisterre and Jack Daniels and bands like Sigur Rós, Chris is a self taught filmmaker, acting as DOP, director and editor. He collaborates with a range of other creatives including the musician CJ Mirra, of which he is currently touring with the award winning audio visual show Chasing Zero.

Awards include:
Four times Vimeo Staff Pick Recipient
Best Short Film, London Surf Film Festival (2011)
Best Short Film San Sebastian Surf Film Festival (2011)
Runner Up Best Short Film, Canadian Surf Film Festival (2011)
Best Short Film, Lisbon Surf Film Festival (2012)
Best Cinematography, Lisbon Surf Film Festival (2012)
Best Artistic Film, Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (2012)
Surfer Magazine Poll Awards 2012 - Digital Shorts - Nominated Film
Vimeo Awards 2012 - Action Sports - Nominated Film
SXSW x Vimeo 2012 - Official Selection
Hansel Of Film 2012 - Selected Screenings
Best Short Film, Lisbon Surf Film Festival (2013)
Best International Film, Dublin Surf Film Festival (2013)
Best UK Film, Approaching Lines Festival (2014)
Peoples Choice London Surf Film festival (2016)



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