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Christian Walgram

Local hero

Christian Walgram

Genre: Sports Photography
Hometown: Eggersdorf, Austria.

About Christian

Christian Walgram was born in 1981. He was raised in Schoeder (near Murau - Upper Styria, Austria) where he attended the elementary school. After attending the secondary modern school in St. Peter am Kammersberg for 4 years Christian went to the BORG Murau where he graduated in 2000.

After graduation he joined the Austrian Military Service for 5 years.

Christian left the army and joined the team of the Austrian sports picture agency GEPA pictures in 2006.

Having worked at the picture desk for almost 2 years Christian decided on turning his passion into his career and changed sides - he began working as a staff-photographer for GEPA pictures in 2008 and has done so ever since. Since that time he covered lots of major sports events like Olympic Games, World Championships, Formula 1, Ski World Cup, Champions League and much more.

Christian is married, father of two girls and lives in Eggersdorf near Graz, Austria.


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