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Felt Soul Media

Local hero

Felt Soul Media

Genre: Documentary and Commercial Film Production
Hometown: Denver/Howard, Colorado

About Felt

We are a small production company based in Colorado and we’ve been making films for over a decade. What started out as a side project back in 2005 with our first short film, “The Hatch” evolved into our career path in 2007 with our first feature film “Red Gold.” More recently, “DamNation", after three years of toil has been our biggest long form doc project to date. It took home the SXSW Audience Choice award at its premiere in 2014. After spending years on DamNation, its been pretty nice to make shorter form work with brands like Yeti Coolers, Facebook and Sierra Nevada. And even sneak in a personal project or two like Ben’s writing and edit of the short “Denali” for our buddy Ben Moon.

Ben and I are currently in post production with our friends over at Camp4 on a film documenting The Last Honey Hunter in a remote region of Nepal.

We like to keep our crew small, but deliver as much production value as possible. We have been shooting on Red Cinema Cameras since 2011 and currently have a Red Epic Dragon and Red Scarlet-W Dragon in our arsenal. We tend to shoot Canon CN-E lenses or Zeiss ZF.2 glass.

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- Twitter: @feltsoulmedia
- Instagram: @ben_knight // @travisrummel


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