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Hendre Louw

Local hero

Hendre Louw

Genre: Landscape and fine art
Hometown: Cape Town

About Hendre

I started taking pictures in 1993 for our local towns newspaper and also covered the odd school event for my dad who was a school principle at the time. It was an exciting time for me as for the 1st time in my life I found a medium with which to communicate with, and share the world with others through my point of view. Photography was simple back then as we still worked on film cameras with the local Lab developing our contact sheets and test prints on old Cibachrome enlargers.

After graduating from school I moved to the big city where I worked as a darkroom developer, occasionally fogging an expensive pack of Ilford paper to my bosses dismay. I learned a lot in those days and I must admit that even today I’m just as eager and hungry to learn more about photography as way back in the mid 90’s. Through my career I’ve had to support myself financially by working in the construction industry, selling gym contracts, and even giving the world of professional golf a go. Today I am fortunate to have multiple platforms in the photographic industry from which I make my living.

When I’m not taking pictures I teach photography, and when I’m not teaching I also represent the Profoto lighting brand in South Africa. All of these platforms allow me to support my passionate interest in taking pictures and producing images that are a representation of the world through my eyes.

In terms of my work I have done every imaginable genre in photography from shooting weddings and fashion to portable sanitation devices for low cost housing. I even had a go at trying to make it as a “fine art photographer” until I started to research some of the Grand Masters of photography like Mr Ansel Adams and Cartier Bresson. I realized that self proclamation as an “artist” was not the way I wanted to market myself as these great names, and many more like them, dedicated a lifetime to their craft in order to have the respect of the industry and the status of being called an artist.

In 2011 I made a big move from Pretoria down to the Western Cape where I now reside. Along with the move also came a career decision to focus on nature and portrait photography and leave all the commercial stuff behind. I do still do the occasional commissioned shoot but I always make sure that it is in alignment with my current portfolio of work and not conflicting in any way.

Global marketing trends forced photographers to present and display their work in a particular way so I have to make excuse for the sometimes “commercial” look and feel of my marketing initiatives. My passion lies and always will, with taking pictures. The marketing is just the garnish and I thank each and every friend, client and family member who have purchased some of my work. It is though your loyal support that I am able to do what I do.

I am happiest when I’m deep in the mountains shooting landscapes as well as doing portraiture work. I’m a strong believer that a good photograph is immortal and I hope to create memories of a life lived, that will be passed on long after I’m gone.

I dedicate my career to my Creator and my beautiful wife Rozanne who have been by my side supporting me every step of the way.


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