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Henry Iddon

Local hero

Henry Iddon

Genre: Action Sports, modern lifestyles and contemporary issue based mountain landscape
Hometown: Blackpool

About Henry

Henry Iddon has been a full time professional photographer for nearly 20 years and has been participating in outdoor sports since being a young child. Having started skiing aged 5 he has represented Great Britain at Speed Skiing, been involved with mountaineering exploits in Europe, North America and Asia, and cycled across a range of disciplines at an elite level.

His action sports, documentary, and portrait photography has been commissioned by a variety of commercial, non-profit and news organisations as well as UK Central Government departments. Clients include W.H Gore, Lowe Alpine, Patagonia, Snokart, Science in Sport, PGL, Acorn Adventure, Cycling Plus, Outdoor Fitness, 220 Triathlon, UK Department of Education, BBC World News, and BBC Sport.

Henry’s aim is to produce images that not only sit within the discourse that is contemporary art and culture but also compliment the very best in commercial print and digital media.

His self-motivated work concerns finding new ways of using photography to investigate the upland and wilderness environment. He received an individual Arts Council England Grant award in 2006 and 2016, and has been nominated for the National Media Museum Bursary Award (UK), shortlisted for the And/or Book Awards and long listed for the 2014 Aesthetica Art Prize. Images from ‘Spots of Time’, ‘Hill People’ and ‘A Place to Go’ have been exhibited in galleries in the UK, Italy, Nepal and Brazil.

He is part of the core team behind the Kendal Mountain Festival and has been on the film jury at Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival and jury on the prestigious Banff Mountain Festival Photography Competition.


How I use my gear

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