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Lars Scharl

Local hero

Lars Scharl

Genre: Outdoor / Action sports
Hometown: Bayreuth, Germany

About Lars

Lars is an avid action sports fan. He loves to practice many forms of action sports like snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking and climbing. Since his rather poor performances in these activities required him to find a very good excuse, he was beyond happy to discover his passion for photography, which allowed him to pin crashes in backcountry pow on „all that heavy camera gear that threw me off-balance". In stark contrast to the university, it also let him live out his inner creative and anarchic child with a profound love of nature.

Lars likes to use natural light to capture the true mood of a moment, but he also likes to play around with flashes or other technical gimmicks if he feels that a setting could use some pop. He’s also a big fan of all-in-one photography - something many editors and others have told him is a "thing of the past and overused nowadays“. Sigh. Lars also states that it’s „a little weird“ to talk about himself in third person, although he adds that he „could get used to it“.


How I use my gear

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