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Lars Schneider

Lars Schneider
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Lars Schneider

Genre: adventure, lifestyle, fine art landscape
Hometown: Hamburg, Germany

About Lars

Lars Schneider has been traveling, exploring, and working around the globe for over 20 years now. Based just outside of Hamburg, Germany, Lars has built a career around his love of nature and outdoor sports and his photos and stories have been printed in magazines, outdoor catalogues, books and calendars around the globe. While shooting activities like trailrunning, kayaking or freeriding take up most of his time, he really enjoys shooting landscapes as well. The more remote, the wilder, the better. Shooting video has also become a greater part of his assignments in the past years.
Lars is unique in that he provides the entire content for his stories, both text and images, even though photography has become a much greater part of his work over the years. Before starting to work as a full time freelancer, he was an editor for Germany’s “outdoor” magazine.
Because Lars also loves run, kajak, surf, ski to go on long backpacking trips, he thinks, he’s got the best job in the world.

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