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Sean Scott

Sean Scott
Sean Scott
Local hero

Sean Scott

Genre: Ocean Art & Landscape Photography
Hometown: Gold Coast

About Sean

Sean Scott has been photographing for over a decade now and was originally drawn to the idea of sharing his creative visions through a photograph.
What started as a passionate hobby has now turned into a full time career. Sean has devoted his life to chasing the most extreme images from around the globe. 
From what started on a Pentax Film camera Sean has now turned himself into a house hold name world wide. He has a flagship gallery in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia.
Sean loves follow his nose and let it take him in the direction he feels most inspired. 
His biggest tip when taking photographs is to just continually put yourself out there to give yourself that better chance to be in the right place at the right time.  Its this drive that he uses to aways go that extra mile.  Stay out longer, get up earlier, climb that mountain & look on the other side of that hill.  If you continue to keep doing that you will be rewarded in time


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  • Sean Scott
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