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Stijn Van Hulle

Local hero

Stijn Van Hulle

Genre: active lifestyle – industry at hight
Hometown: Grimbergen, Belgium

About Stijn

Stijn is born and raised in Belgium, but first of all he is a passionate rock climber, that loves being outdoors. Rock climbing offers him physical training, meditation, social life, travels around the globe and much more:
“Climbing is about exploring your limits. Your skills build up over the years and the focusing in the moment brings you to this state of mind where you are 'one' with the rock and its surroundings. At that moment you are fulfilled with bliss, a sensation of breathing your life and a oneness with the world…”
Besides that, Stijn is a skilled engineer. His professional studies and work have offered him a solid technical and scientific base to handle difficult questions, projects and challenges. He has a sharp, pinpoint mind and view on things. He explores in depth and does not give up until completely satisfied with the result.
And last but certainly not least he is a professional photographer.
When he is out discovering places around the world, he likes to capture these intense moments with his camera. Being specialized in working at heights literally offers him unique points of view to capture breath taking images.
As a sportsman, he has a particular interest in capturing the intensity of athletes, their inner strength and struggle, their bodies and muscle tone.
His engineering background offers him the unique knowledge to fulfil a variety of challenging assignments for the indoor and outdoor industries of technical-industrial companies.
This unique mix is why he became a commercial photographer focused on Active Lifestyle.
Stijn delivers photos as an art but also for websites, brochures, catalogues,… etc. He works on location and in studio. He is intrinsically motivated as well as flexible.


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