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Vegard Breie

 Vegard Breie
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Vegard Breie

Genre: Sports and Outdoors
Hometown: Oslo, Norway

About Vegard

Vegard is the stereotypical skier gone shooter from Norway.
Only with a twist, having taken it all the way from shooting Special Forces in Afghanistan to working with advertising in Hollywood and everything between.
All in the same time while working steadily as a staff shooter for Norway’s #1 skiing magazine, Fri Flyt, and making Norways biggest MTB bike festival, Hillbilly Huckfest with a few friends in the summer.
His sports and outdoors background has lead him into shooting for some of the biggest brand names within the industry. He now keeps pushing his photography further with experimenting a lot with green screen techniques and composites for his advertising work, while staying true to portraying the action he shoots and making sure the movement and sports aspect of it looks good.
Born in 1985 he’s still young in the industry, but with an agent in LA he’s pushing his own boundaries and working hard to make the next big step into the US market.


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