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Will Burrard-Lucas

Local hero

Will Burrard-Lucas

About Will

Will is a professional wildlife photographer from the UK and is best known for creating innovative devices that allow me to gain unique perspectives. Through his work, he hopes to inspire greater appreciation for the animals that share our planet and encourage conservation action.

In 2009, he created “BeetleCam”, a remote control buggy for taking close-up, ground-level images of African wildlife.

He has developed his own range of camera traps for taking high-quality images of elusive and nocturnal creatures. He
also made these devices available to other photographers and filmmakers through his company, Camtraptions Ltd.

He regularly works with top conservation organisations to produce compelling images for use in their fundraising and marketing materials. Most recently, he was commissioned by World Wildlife Fund to take camera trap photographs of elusive carnivores in Namibia.

He has created a popular online wildlife photography course which has helped thousands of enthusiast improve their photography.

His wife and he recently produced a coffee table book titled “Top Wildlife Sites of the World”. The book features more than 30 of his favorite wildlife hotspots and is available in bookstores around the world.
He has built a large online audience, with over a million followers on Facebook alone.


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