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Life in Focus: Charles Glatzer

It can take a lifetime to discover your calling. For Charles Glatzer, his came midway through his long 30 year career as a professional photographer. In the mid-nineties he combined his passions for photography, nature, and teaching when he founded his company, Shoot the Light. He has yet to look back as he has travelled around the globe instructing those in his workshops about the beauty of nature and how to visually document what they see before them.
In this week’s episode of LIF, we had to opportunity to shadow Charles on his workshop in Bella Coola to photograph grizzly bears. Click play to see one of the world's premier wildlife photographer in action in our tenth episode of Life in Focus.
Video & Editing: Nomadik Motion
Motion Graphics: Chad Jones & Nomadik Motion
Music: Enjoy The Calm - Drew Barefoot, Intimidated By Silence - Cars and T
Location: Bella Coola, BC Canada
Gear: f-stop Tilopa BC and Large Pro ICU, FS700, Metabones EF adapter, Canon L glass, Glidecam HD4000, cheap budget tripod, Canon 7D (2), Zoom H4N, Shure lav mic, Hoya Filters
Editing: Graded in DaVinci Lite, Motion Graphics in After Effects, Cut in Final Cut Pro 7

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