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Life in Focus: Christian Pondella

Episode Four in the Life in Focus Mini Series takes a turn to Mammoth Lakes where we visit with Christian Pondella, his family and the environment that keeps his creativity stoked. 

EO4 kicks off in Christian's gear locker where see all of the tools of his trade. It is a fitting place to begin our visit as Christian's skills and images are well known for high risk and challenging locations. Christian talks about his early days, the luck of the business, and the keys to his success. He allows us to glimpse a bit of the lifestyle that he lives and how his family now provides his greatest inspiration and stoke.

Christian's athleticism, passion and powerful vision are evident in his work and has helped him to create some of the most stand out images in outdoor sports. We are proud to be able to share a little about what's behind the man, and see how family, friends and lifestyle keep the ground stable so he can keep on getting at and getting the shots we dream of.

Christian Pondella: Athlete, photographer, family man

Special thanks to Christian Pondella (

Video filmed and edited by Cameron Sylvester
Motion Graphics by Chad Jones and Cameron Sylvester
MusicMay it be a Sweet Sound – Adam Pasion // Josh Garrels – The Resistance
Location: Mammoth Lakes, California

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