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Life in Focus: Scott Serfas

Episode Three of the Life in Focus Mini Series takes us to Vancouver Canada where get to spend a few days talking about photography and snowboarding, and get the even greater opportunity to tag along on an assignment with the one, and only, Scott Serfas. Scott is truly a global powerhouse in the world of snowboard and action sport photography. We get to hear about the circumstances that set Scott up for a career as a pro, and also how those circumstances ultimately took him to a place where he would become part of the team that has built one of the hottest brands on snow - Endeavor Snowboards. The successes that Scott has achieved are inspiring, and in looking to the past, it becomes easy to see the future. As Scott says, to get to where you want to go, "you have to live it".
Scott Serfas - mountain renaissance man - action & snowboard photographer, brand owner, and artist.
Special thanks to Scott Serfas, Endeavor Snowboards, Airhole Facemasks, and Jess Kimura.
Location: Vancouver and Whistler, BC, Canada 

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